Wednesday, March 25, 2015

ButterBeeScraps DTP

Hey Sassy Divas,

  So here is my most recent design team project for Butterbeescraps I decided to do some jewelry ughhh I v=can never get away from that I just love it.  So below you will see my multi wrap memory wire bracelet, everything you see is from ButterBeeScaps except the memory wire.  Monique now carries more then just metal pieces she also has beads and do dads and glass tiles, dominoes.  You totally have to go check it out.  Every month she has new goodies in her store.  I have also made a necklace to go with the bracelet and I must say I kinda love it.  (LOL) Everything on that necklace is also from ButterBee except the toggle and Monique does have those in her store I just ran out.  I hope you enjoy what I have made and possibly feel a little inspired LOL!!

Have an amazing and beyond blessed day,

ButterBeeScraps DTP

Hey Divas,

  Here is my DT projects from a couple weeks ago that I forgot to post.  But I went ahead and altered a wooden tray using Butterbeescraps yumminess such as; the feet, white flower dodads on the corners, metal flower cluster in the corner and the handles.  I absolutely love how it came out just stinking cute. Then I soooooo had to make some bracelets, now tell me that owl one is not crazy uber adorable ughhh I just heart it.  And then I also made a layered filigree one that is to die for especially with all the cute little dangles.  I took pictures with the bracelets on so you could get an idea of how they look on. 

Enjoy and have a blessed day,

Sunday, March 1, 2015


Hey Beautiful People from around the world,

  Here is my last DTP for the month of Feb for Butterbeescraps so of course one of my top loves of creating is Jewelry.  So Monique is now carrying glass beads in her store and other yumminess not just metal pieces.  So go on over and take a sneaky peak.  So below you will see that I made an adjustable bracelet using memory wire in brass.  It is amazingly easy to make these and then I made a 3 strand bracelet using all the yumminess from Moniques store.  If you ever want to see the detailed look up close please feel free to click on the link on the right side and it will show you all my videos.  So enjoy the pics below.

Have an amazing and beyond blessed day,

Sunday, February 22, 2015

ButterBeeScraps DTP

Hey Beautiful People,

  So here I am with yet another project for Butterbeescraps YIPPY!  I love me some ButterBee LOL!!  So I decided to go with altering a wooden / chicken wire wall hanging.  My favorite style is vintage (heart it) but I love many different style I don't just stick with just one.  But I was feeling a little vintage so I altered this yummy wall hanging with some metal pieces.  The butterflies you see on the left side were actually flowers and I just cut out 1 of the petals and them I layered 2 of them on top of each other for dimension and then used a bead cap in the middle and then a flat back rhinestone all from ButterBeeScraps.  Then I also used 2 hearts but you cant tell that is what the are since they are kind of hidden under my cluster of flowers I tucked them under and you can see the ends of them so it would have just an added touch of metal.  Go check out Moniques store she puts new stuff every month (AMAZING).

Have an amazing and Blessed Day,

Friday, January 30, 2015

ButterBeeScraps DTP

Hello Ladies and Gents,

  Here are some embellies I made using metals from Butterbeescraps I was in the mood to make embellishments and use gold.  So these clothespins are way too stinking cute.  And who doesn't love angels SERIOUSLY ughh I so heart them in silver and bronze and even a dragonfly.  You have to stop by and check out the new stuff at Moniques store she has some amazing beads now.  I am too happy about that woot woot.

Happy Friday, Anna

Thursday, January 15, 2015

ButterBeeScraps DTP

Hey Beautiful Divas and Gents,

  So here are some pics from my last project for the month of December for BUtterBeeScraps.  I was making a birthday gift for a sweet friend of mine and I wanted to incorporate some stuff from Moniques store.  I love how everything came out and I hope that Elizabeth loves it.  So below you will see some pics of a watch, necklace and some earrings using all bronze metals one of my favorite metals.  I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and a very blessed New Year.  Stick around for a new year of crafty goodness.

 Mucho Hugs, Anna

Sunday, December 14, 2014

ButterBeeScraps Design Team Project

Happy Sunday Divas and Gents,

  Here is my second DT project for Butterbeescraps I decided to alter a tall bottle that was gifted to me by Natalie (putsomeblingonit) on youtube.  So I every piece of metal you see is from Butter Bee Scraps.  Have I told you how much I love working with metals?  I love stretching my mind and seeing what I can do with them on my crafty projects and man the possibilities are endless.  I made butterflies out of the 5 petal flowers and cut out 1 section  and BAM there is your butterfly LOL!!  So then I used a filigree flower in the middle and a beautiful bling buckle with a pearl flat back that Monique also sells in her store it was my last one and I just love using those ( Fancy LOL!!) THen that amazing dangle hanging on the side is just yummy every little little thing from the flas back blings  to the chain, bead caps, silver ball beads, head pins and bezals.  So please come on by and take a sneaky peak at what is in the store and don't think there is only a couple ways to use them because there is many if you ever look at all my DT project for ButterBee you will see many many ways to use the metals even if it is just a few pieces on a card.  Pics are below :-)

Mucho Hugs and be Blessed,