Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hmmmmm relaxing weekend!!!!!!!

Well let's see i got my mini pack from Tiffany's etsy store (LOVE IT) I just completed 2 pages front and back and man who would have thought it would take forever just to do 2 pages LOL!!! But what I love about it is that it forces me to be more creative and to try things I have not done before so i love it!!!!!!!!I will have to post it when i am done (can't wait)!!! Man tomorrow is work waa waa waa that means getting up super early and driving or a horrible freeway Grrrrrrrr.. But the brighter side is i have a job to wake too RIGHT? Amen to that!! Well 2 weeks from the scrap expo YIPPPPPPPPPPPPPYYYYYYYYY man only once a year super killer but the greatest deals and fun make and takes .............

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