Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hey Divas, these are some clay molds I made I so heart them and they were so easy to create using ( Moldmuse - etsy store) I have anopther mold on the way to make a different kind of flower I cant wait.  Dont think it is too much working creating your own molds or it takes too much time because I was sitting in front of the tv and I made 60 molds and cooked them all for 18 minutes and WAALAA I also added a shiney glaze made by sculpey that is why they are shiney but at the end of the day each pack of clay that i bought cost me $1.25 on sale ( Sculpey ) and I easily made over 25 molds from each pack depending on what size flowers i was making.  How much do we spend on buying these from our craft stores and only getting between 6-10 flowers COME ON GIRLS it is in the budget LOLOLOL!!!!  Well you super fab ladies have an awesome day and I will be back with a couple of pics of my design team projects YIPPY!!!   Mucho Hugs, Anna

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