Thursday, February 27, 2014

ButterBeeScaps DT Project

Hello Beautiful people everywhere,

  Well here is some more simple jewelry pieces I made for Monique's store ButterBeeScraps I wanted to make some simple necklaces nothing too over the top.  I love how cute they are I am a huge jewelry lover so I love that I can make my own jewelry.  I have no problem buying other peoples handmade jewelry or store bought I just love it all LOL!!  So thank you for stopping by and showing a girl some love I appreciate you very much.

Mucho hugs, Anna


  1. Love the 3rd one although they are all pretty. So cute. I wish I could do jewelry, but I can't seem to wrap the wires right. Ana

    1. Thank you Ana, girl if you can do junk charms you can do jewelry it is easy. Bending the wires at the end send intimidating but if you have the round needle nose pliers you are good it does the work for you. I am working on a tutorial for the she wrap pendant I did ugh that is a little more complicated but I will show how to bend the wire. Mucho hugs, Anna