Sunday, November 29, 2009

TWS Nov Mini Swap

Hello Everyone,

I have just finished my TWS mini swap for November and I will be mailing it out tomorrow and I was having the most difficult time getting this video on here I had to reduce the quality of the video to make it work GRRRRRR so sorry for that i am a rookie in the video department LOL!! But I had a great time creating this and I hope that my trade partner loves it. Well I have signed up for December's swap now that will be tons of fun to do because there are so many cute Christmas things to put on there so it will be a chunky mini. Ok well see you later!!!!!

Have a Scrapolicious day!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

HAPPY SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Everyone,

Well I just posted New gift card holders that i learned how to do by Bona at LiveLoveScrap on YOUTUBE she is awesome love her stuff!!!!! Man you gotta see her craft room it is like a store there is nothing that she doesnt own LOL!!!! Man am I jealous :-) One day I am working on it !!! Well it has been a good weekend I am half way done with my mini swap for TWS at Scrapin on the beach. It will be done this week so I can mail it off!! Well tomorrow is work i am so sad but it pays for the crafts so let me stop complaining LOL!!!!

Have a Scrapolicious Day!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well I am working on my November mini swap with TWS and as soon as that is done i will have a new video to post i am loving this. I have just sent out my Xmas tag swap, some handmade mini book charms to Donna at Scrappinat the beach and I sponsered a crop night so i have to send the prize i made to the winner Tara and last but not least i am also part of a montly card swap and Joy is my partner who lives in Korea ( How cool is that!!!!) so I sign up for everything because it is so fun to create for others and to also receive from others and see there creativity very fun. So I hope everyone is having a scrapolicioius day!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Christmas Gift Tag Swap!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I am part of a Xmas gift tag swap with "life on a scrapbeach" and I am almost done with my 10 tags and they are turning out super cute I will be posting them soon. I am also a part of a monthly card swap and a mini swap WOW i just keep myself busy LOL!!!! I love it!!! I love sharing ideas and getting new ideas and just seeing how talented so many women are from all over the world on this sight. Well just got done watching my YANKEES win there 2nd game in the world series so I am feeling pumped and I am going to start working on my Xmas gift card holders YIPPY!!!!!!!!

Be Blessed, Anna :-)

Monday, October 19, 2009

A NEW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello all,

I just posted my video and enjoyed making the mini for my friend Kay i know she will love it. I had a great time making it and man it was so hard to get this video on here since i have never did it. It was too large and too long so reformatting it was terrible and i had to break it into 2 videos. I dont know how you girls do it in less then 10 minutes i guess i talk to much LOL!!!! O well i have a couple more videos lined up real soon.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mini Swap

Well I am almost done with the minibook that i did for Kay at Scrapbooking on the beach man oh man it is super cute i dont want to part with it...... i will have to do a video as soon as it is done...So here I am at work ready for another long day and traffic was horrible Grrrrrrrrrrrr. And the best part of this week is the Scrapbook expo in Ontario wooooooo hoooooooo it only comes once a year and I am loving it.....

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hmmmmm relaxing weekend!!!!!!!

Well let's see i got my mini pack from Tiffany's etsy store (LOVE IT) I just completed 2 pages front and back and man who would have thought it would take forever just to do 2 pages LOL!!! But what I love about it is that it forces me to be more creative and to try things I have not done before so i love it!!!!!!!!I will have to post it when i am done (can't wait)!!! Man tomorrow is work waa waa waa that means getting up super early and driving or a horrible freeway Grrrrrrrr.. But the brighter side is i have a job to wake too RIGHT? Amen to that!! Well 2 weeks from the scrap expo YIPPPPPPPPPPPPPYYYYYYYYY man only once a year super killer but the greatest deals and fun make and takes .............

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Great Day!!!!!!!!!

I just got done buying this super cute mini kit from Tiffany at her Etsy store. And signed up for a goodie giveaway at Sandra's blog and she sells super duper cute dragonflies and handmade flowers at her Etsy store. I just signed up for the October mini book swap through Life on the Scrap beach. I am gonna get started on that can't wait my first mini swap!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Crazy Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well this has been a scary day where i live there was a big fire in 2 cities on both sides of where i live. So I had to rush home to get my boys and see how bad it was man it was so hard to work today so i left work early. Now I feel much better and prayer was a must only he can protect me and my family so it is all good!!!!!! Now i am just chatting with some friends on "Life on the scrapbeach" man i love talking to everyone there who just love crafts and to share ideas and find out some awesome ideas............Well that is it for now and I will be back tomorrow with another eventful day LOL!!!

Be Blessed Always, Anna