Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Scrappin Divas,

  Here is a card I made for a friend at work for his wife and an Atc card for a swap with my Bestie.  I so love making those they are too easy and fast that is what i am talking about LOL!!!!  Well I hope you all have a super fab long weekend with the family or just relaxing without distractions.  And dont forget to craft a little that is always relaxing at least to me it is ...........Mucho Hugs, Anna

Handmade Love Card and Atc Card

Monday, May 9, 2011

Hello Everyone Happy Monday

Here are a few pictures of a couple things that i have submitted to WOC for there design team submissions I do have 1 more that I will be posting this week.  I also made a corsage for a friend of mine his son is going to prom I also did one for my son but forgot to take a picture Grrrrrrrrr I got all into his day i didnt even think about it.  But wish me luck sonce there is so many talented girlies out there trying out.  Have a super fabu day !!!!!!!!!!

Mucho Hugs, Anna

WOC Submissions #2 for Design team Nameplate

WOC Submissions for the design team and a handmade corsage