Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy Tuesday Divas

Good Morning / Good Evening Divas,

  I posted a few little altered goodies that i had the mojo to do LOL!!!!  I have had these plastic frames for months and it was time to bust out some old stuff that i have been wanting to alter and get to work.  These bad boys let me tell you were super easy eyes closed easy and fast to do and just so darn cute.  I totally dig the post it note holder tell me that is just not adorable HEART IT!!!!! Well I am cutting it short today it is a work day waa waa but i wanted to post these and get ready for the next crafty yummy item i can think of altering hmmmmmmmmmm.  You guys have a super blessed and beautiful day!!!

Mucho Hugs, Anna

Friday, January 27, 2012


OMYGOSH could have this day come any faster UGHHHHHHH!!!! LOL!! Well my lovies here are a few pics of my projects that I have submitted to the IAMROSES "LOVE IS IN THE AIR" challenge.  This is my first ever doing this so I had a blast doing it go check out the vid on my youtube channel which i have the right side of my blog page.  I cant wait to craft some more this weekend sometimes i feel like this is a drug addiction LOL!!!  Dont you ever just sit at work and you think of crafting ideas that you want to do as soon as you get home - Dont act like you dont! LOLOLOL!!! I take it one step further and carry a mini altered comp book in my purse where i put down all my crafty thoughts and ideas so i dont forget by the time i get home.  Well you ladies have a super awesome weekend and make sure to get some crafty time in.

Mucho Hugs, Anna

Monday, January 23, 2012


Good Morning Divas,

  I hope you all are having a good start to your week i know we dont all look forward to Mondays ughhhhhhhhhh believe me i know LOL!!! But i was crafting this weekend finishing up my Shabby Chic 4x4 mini for Violet I hope she loves it it was mucho fun putting together and I created a pillow box and altered a glassine bag to put some extra yummies in that she could resuse or keep.  And if you want to learn how to make a pillow box by hand please check out Tubeyoumaster1 she gives an awesome tutorial on how to do it.  I am so addicted to making them and they are even more fun to alter HEART IT!!!  Ok ladies have a super fab week and see you soon.

Mucho Hugs, Anna

 Cover of 4X4 Shabby Mini for Violet - 48scrappin

                              Handmade pillow box that I learned from patricia - Tubeyoumaster1
                                      Altered Glassine bag for Violet to send some extra goodies in.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy Thursday My Beautiful Divas

Ok well i was feeling super pumped about making these beaded wire sprays that i seen Leanne do on youtube her youtube name is luvleescrappin OMGOSH she is so awesome and beyond a great crafter she loves embellies and loads all her projects up perfectly I love everything she makes.  She has a super awesome easy step by step tutorial showing you how to make these and they are stinken easy i am addicted I even made more LOL!!!  Now you add these on your project and just layer your beautiful IAMROSES or WOC flowers and it is a work of art I so heart these I hope you enjoy them and go check out her video.

Mucho Hugs, Anna

Monday, January 9, 2012

Junk Charm swap with Patricia from Tubeyoumaster1 on youtube

Tag swap with Patricia from tubeyoumaster1

Hey Divas

Hey Everyone,

  Happy 2012 to all you super fab ladies and gents in the crafting world.  I have been not crafting as much through the holidays but now it is time to get this party started woot woot.  I have missed all my yummy crafty goodness and let me tell you this weekend i was all over it my craft room is a serious hot mess but with yumminess everywhere.  I was super inspired by Leann from luvleescrappin on youtube and Patricia from Tubeyoumaster1 and many other of you awesome girlies out there.  So here is some pics of what i worked on but my videos are you for more of a visual even though my camera is not so fab for recording ughhhhhhhhh.  Well I am off to work and will be crafting when i get home..  Have a Scrapolicious Day!

Mucho Hugs, Anna