Friday, January 27, 2012


OMYGOSH could have this day come any faster UGHHHHHHH!!!! LOL!! Well my lovies here are a few pics of my projects that I have submitted to the IAMROSES "LOVE IS IN THE AIR" challenge.  This is my first ever doing this so I had a blast doing it go check out the vid on my youtube channel which i have the right side of my blog page.  I cant wait to craft some more this weekend sometimes i feel like this is a drug addiction LOL!!!  Dont you ever just sit at work and you think of crafting ideas that you want to do as soon as you get home - Dont act like you dont! LOLOLOL!!! I take it one step further and carry a mini altered comp book in my purse where i put down all my crafty thoughts and ideas so i dont forget by the time i get home.  Well you ladies have a super awesome weekend and make sure to get some crafty time in.

Mucho Hugs, Anna


  1. I loved your projects on Youtube Anna, they were really beautiful. And yes....crafting is a complete addiction......My name is Lee and I am a Craft Addict....and I dont want a cure! heehee. Lee x

  2. Hi Lee and name is Barbara and I TOO am a Craft Addict :) @Anna, you're projects came out beautifully!!! Good luck girly :) Adios & Abrazos ~Barbara aka "ydontucreate"