Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Design Team & Challenge Announcement

Hello Divas and Gents, I have been asked by Heather Hudson to be part of her design team for the next 4 months WOOT WOOT!!!! She is the owner and creator of digital image collage sheets. I had met Heather on my previous design team Pro31Designs she is super sweet and very talented and her collage sheets are pretty awesome. So starting Jan 2 Heather will be hosting blog challenges every month on the 2nd and 16th using her digital collage sheets. Please go to her blog to check out the Rules Please come back on 1/2/2014 to see what I have created for this challenge as inspiration for her first challenge. I will put her Etsy store link right here - go check it out awesome stuff for awesome prices. And what is super awesome is that you get everything you need in 1 collage sheet so you dont have to use so much of your printer ink because we know how expensive that can get LOL!!! Oh and before I forget if you all decide to play along Heather has included a 15% off anything over $5.00 this is your coupon code (MYARTISTICADVENTURES)and please post our challenge badge to your blog you will see it on the right side of my blog just click on it and it will take you to Heathers Blog and you can get the badge there. The html code can be found in the left sidebar at Heather's BLOG. Now if you are Youtuber that is awesome because I am I post vids and watch them and so does Heather if you would like to see her in action, what Heather does with her collage sheets she is pretty awesome. This is her youtube channel.
Mucho hugs, Anna

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