Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hello Divas, YIPPYYYYYYYY It is the www.Pro31designs.blogspot.com giveaway WOOT WOOT!!! I did not use Random Org to pick my winner I dont really like using that I think it is more fair if I hand pick the winner. So I copy and pasted everyones blog name into word and printed 3 pages and cut all 72 names by hand, folded them up and picked the winner. I know some of you ladies dont watch youtube but if you want to see me pick the name live you can click on my link on the side bar that has all my youtube videos it will be the one at the top I am uploading the video as I type. Thank you so much ladies for all your comments I read them all and a special thank you to the ladies that looked at my other projects and left comments on those I super appreciate you. Ok now lets get to the winner DRUM ROLL PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE >>>>>>>>KAREN T<<<<<<<< you are the WINNER yippy doing the happy dance :-) Please private msg me your addy so I can send off your goodies this week. P.S. To the lady that asked me about what i use on my cards that have tons of embellishments, I normally send those kind in a box of other items not in the mail but you can buy the cd cases for mailing those work but it depends how much embellishing you do. I am sorry i wasnt able to respond to your comment but i am having technical difficulties replying on my blog comments so irritating ughhhhh please do not think i am not reading the comments or being rude. I truly love responding to my comments. P.S.S. Dont forget to check out all the other girls blogs to see if you won GOOD LUCK LADIES!!!!!!! And for the grand finale of giveaways go to pro31design.blogspot.com I am dying to know who won. Mucho Hugs, Anna


  1. I've never been lucky enough to offer or do any kind of giveaway yet but I agree with you I think it would be more fun to hand draw it. cutting them all out would be something fun to do while watching my new fav show "Betty White's off their rocker's. So funny.
    BUt anyway congrats to the winner I am so jealous

  2. Yeah!! Thank you so much! I'm so excited!!
    It's been a very busy week, so this is a great end!! Thanks again, Anna!